PSM Formula 1

PSM Formula 1 is an advertising broker for the Formula 1 industry. I was commissioned to design a brochure promoting a corporate vacation called Adriatic Adventure. The event would be used to sell Formula 1 related advertising.

psm front h650

The small crosses near the spine of the front cover show where studs with brass rims where punched through the brochure, forming the spine.

psm p2 p3 h650

The vacation would mostly take place on a Fairline 37 Targa, which is a 37 foot luxury power boat. Clients would also be to visit various places of interest along the Adriatic Sea.

psm p4 p5 h650

The vessel would be well appointed to cater for the client’s every need, including sleeping quarters.

psm p10 p11 h650

The vacation would start in Trieste, an Italian city close to the Slovenian border. The vessel would take clients on a cruise of the Croatian coastline, visiting old towns and islands along the way to the ancient city of Dubrovnik.