Graphs, Charts & Data

If you wish to illustrate statistics or other data in a visually presentable style, your data can easily take the form of a graph. Graphs and charts are useful for communicating data, and certainly easier on the eye than an Excel spreadsheet. Style options include bar charts, line graphs and pie charts – but are not limited to these traditional styles. Whatever style of data representation you have in mind, please do contact me and share your thoughts. I’d be very happy to hear from you.

  • Firstly you will need to tell me exactly what type of graph you want produced. You will need to have an understanding of what you want before I proceed.
  • When I have produced your graph, you may ask for up to two basic design revisions. Extra basic design revisions will be charged at £5 each.
  • I will create your graph in vector graphics. This is normal for icons, symbols, maps and logos.
  • Your diagram will then be delivered to you in either Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator EPS, or PDF file format. If you need your map in a different format, just let me know.
  • It can also be easily integrated into another design such as a brochure or a website.
'Table 2' Basic vector bar chart. Designed for Plymouth University (UK).

One of many bar charts presenting stats on the student population of a major British university. Designed for Plymouth University (UK).

'The hypnogogic age' Basic vector bar chart.

'The hypnogogic states' Basic vector bar chart.

Two horizontal bar charts communicating the programmable states of the human mind at different stages of childhood. Designed for an independent noetic science researcher.