There is no substitute for a map designed in vector graphics. A clear and well designed map is visually powerful, helping you display your location or perhaps something more complex.

Basic Map Reproduction

This will involve reproducing an existing map, but creating your very own unique licensed version. Existing maps are nearly always protected with a strictly enforced copyright, so it is highly advisable to have your own version of a map. Once I have created a map for you, you will then be able to own and easily enforce your own unique copyright, without infringing on anyone else’s. I can create any type of map for any purpose. A road map, rail map, or a graphic depiction of land and water such as a country map. The map will be coloured and styled in a manor that will be ideal for your own purposes.

  • Firstly you will need to tell me exactly what type of map you want produced. You will need to have an understanding of what you want before I proceed.
  • When I have produced your map, you may ask for up to two basic design revisions. Extra basic design revisions will be charged at £5 each.
  • I will create your unique map in vector graphics. This is normal for icons, symbols, maps and logos.
  • Your map will then be delivered to you in either Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator EPS, or PDF file format. If you need your map in a different format, just let me know.
  • It can also be easily integrated into another design such as a brochure or a website.
Location of Neptune Park in Plymouth

Map designed in vector graphics ‘Location of Neptune Park’. Commissioned by the Abbey Manor Group.

Complex or Original Map

If you wish to have a map created from scratch, either because you do not have an existing map to work from – or because your map might have to communicate something unique, then I can create this for you. The criteria of a complex or original map is the same as the Basic Map Reproduction, except for the price.

Distance to Plymouth from other UK cities

Map designed in vector graphics ‘Where is Plymouth?’. Commissioned by Plymouth University (UK).