Remove background using Photoshop

This page is not a ‘how to remove background’ tutorial, but an example of work. Removing the background from an image using Photoshop, can sometimes be a little harder than it may look. An image featuring an object that is clearly in focus and seems to have solid edges, will be easy to cut out. However, when it comes to objects with soft edges, like hair in motion, this can be a little more time consuming to achieve an effective cutout.

I have lost track of how many people, animals, products, artefacts, trees and other things I have cut out using Photoshop. I have carried out this work for clients, producing artwork for both print and digital use.

Remove background Bruce Lipton PhD

This portrait is a cutout of the molecular biologist and author Bruce Lipton PhD.

Remove background Buddha

Robots of Plymouth University at the Royal Cornwall Show. Removing a complex background.

Remove background Buddha

Removal of the dark area around this bronze statue.

Remove background Camera

Removing the background of a Canon camera. Photos of products often need their backgrounds removed, prior to uploading to Amazon or other online shopping facilities.

Remove background Mary

Cutting out a neckline and clothing is straightforward. Cutting out hair sometimes requires a little more skill and patience.

Remove background Tripod

A simple cutout of a camera tripod.

Remove background Cheryl

Another cutout of a woman, including hair in which some of the fibres are lifted away from the head, and therefore need to be cut out with greater care.

Remove background Triumph Motorbike

Removing the background from the photo of a Triumph motorbike. I also replicated the original shadow in solid black, and made it partially transparent.

Remove background Rugby

This cutout of a varsity women’s rugby team was created for Plymouth University. The cutout was then used in a design for the University’s Facebook page.

Remove background Dreamgirl Lingerie

Working for a lingerie retailer, I removed the background from the image of this lingerie model, wearing a Dreamgirl robe set.

If you are in need of a background removal service, or perhaps another Photoshop image editing service, please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote. I’d love to hear from you.

To your success

Toby Barnes