Technical drawing

Whether promoting a residential or commercial property for sale or rent, or promoting a product, a graphic depiction of floor plans or schematic drawings can communicate to your client most effectively. Describing the benefits of what you’re selling is one thing, but a picture speaks a thousand words.

Basic Technical Drawing Reproduction

This will involve reproducing floor plans or other schematics, from an existing file or printed document. This service is very useful if you want to convert architectural plans, or another type of technical drawing into a diagram which has proven time and time again to be very effective graphic imagery. It is ideal for presentational purposes and very useful to include in either a brochure or a website. I can reproduce your existing technical drawing from a CAD file, or even reproduce it from a scan of a printed document. If you supply a file, I do not simply recolour graphics taken from an existing file – I build a brand new set of vector graphics according to exact mathematical proportions. Your diagram will end up looking a lot more dynamic than your original technical drawing.

  • Firstly you will need to tell me exactly what type of diagram you want produced. You will need to have an understanding of what you want before I proceed.
  • When I have produced your diagram, you may ask for up to two basic design revisions. Extra basic design revisions will be charged at £5 each.
  • I will create your diagram in vector graphics. This is normal for icons, symbols, maps and logos.
  • Your diagram will then be delivered to you in either Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator EPS, or PDF file format. If you need your map in a different format, just let me know.
  • It can also be easily integrated into another design such as a brochure or a website.

Price: Contact me to discuss your needs

Poseidon House (Grnd flr), Plymouth, UK. Vector graphic adapted from architect's plans.

Poseidon House (Grnd flr), Plymouth, UK. Vector graphic adapted from architect's plans.

These floor plans were produced for the Abbey Manor Group