Since the conception of the World Wide Web in 1989 and it’s introduction to the industrialised world in the 1990’s, many hoped for the internet to be a place of free expression and for the sharing of information. Now, we know that this vision has become true, with over 109.5 million domain names operating.

However, despite the vast number of web surfers, the internet now has a very small number of very big players. With an enormous amount of information being freely given to these giant websites, smaller companies may be uncertain as to what information they should publish on these huge sites, and what information to keep on their own sites – where they can protect their content with copyright and sell without restrictions.

I can help your company utilise the websites of the big players (like Facebook and other large social platforms), to drive traffic to your own website where you can inform and sell to your customers, while protecting your own unique copyrighted content.

One of the services I provide at Progressive Cyberspace is to conduct market research, mainly into internet user behaviours. Understanding how and why people use the internet and what they are looking for, is essential to assist companies find a wider customer base.

I also research existing marketing methods and monetization techniques, and identify how they are most affectively utilised across markets relying on an online presence.

By better understanding the techniques used to market and sell products and services online, new methods can be generated, in which both brick-and-mortar and exclusively web-based businesses can both benefit from a strong online presence, helping them market and sell more effectively.

Current research

I am currently researching the world of therapy and the various methods therapists use to market their services on the internet.

Therapists, your opinion is needed

If you are a therapist I would be grateful if you could share your views, by completing my short survey
Surveys for practicing Psychotherapists, Holistic Therapists or Physiotherapists.