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Thank you for visiting this page. I have created a FREE Marketing Guide for Therapists. It includes some killer marketing tactics to help boost your therapy business.

How to access your FREE Guide

To access and download your FREE copy of the Marketing Guide, please complete my short survey below. I have tried to make the survey as short and straightforward as possible, because I know your time is precious and I don’t want to hold you up.

You will need to answer all questions marked with a red asterisk *. All other questions are optional.


by completing the survey below

Also, in order to receive your guide, you will need to enter your email address at the end of the survey. If you don’t do this, I will not be able to send you the link to the FREE Guide via email.

The purpose of the survey

Your responses will help me understand the needs and dilemmas of both therapists and therapy clients. This information can then be used to develop better marketing tools for therapists, and to all those who participate I will be able to keep you informed about my findings, once my research has been completed.


All the information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential and your email address (along with all your other info) will not be sold, given or loaned to any other person, company or organisation whatsoever. Your confidentiality will be treated in accordance with the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act.

Also, please only complete a survey on this website if you are an adult.
You can find the survey for therapists below:

Survey for Therapists

Thank you for checking out my Survey for Therapists. To receive your FREE copy of the Marketing Guide, you will need to complete the survey.

Questions marked with a red asterisk symbol are required.
1. Firstly, please can you tell me, how did you learn of this survey?*
2. Please can you select which of the following most closely describes your services?
If you're still training & not yet qualified, just select what you're studying.
You can select multiple options
3. Do you operate a private practice (or work within a small private practice)?*
4. Do you find it difficult to promote your services?... and if so, is there anything in particular you would like some help with?
5. Please can you tell me, what methods do you find most effective for gaining new clients?
6. Would you be happy to have a profile on a therapy site, if there was a rating system where users could rate / review you and other therapists?*
7. Would you be more happy have a profile on a site if you could challenge any review you received, on the basis that you suspected it wasn’t made by one of your clients?
Note: If you received a negative review and suspected it wasn’t made by your client, you could challenge it. The reviewer would then have 14 days to provide proof that they’d paid for your services by sending a receipt (or similar) to the site Admin. If they failed to do so, the review would be deleted and they wouldn’t be able to review you again.
7b. However you answered Question 6 & 7 above, please share your thoughts about this.*
8. Please choose which rating system(s) you would be happy with being subjected to.
Clients would give you feedback, not other therapists.
You can select multiple options.
8b. Please can you share your thoughts on this subject?
... especially if you selected “I have something else in mind”
9. Would you be happy to have a profile with a feedback system where a therapist could receive special points under specific ailments, where you’d get points for helping clients overcome a problem (PTSD, Depression or Lack of Confidence, etc)?
These would be different ratings, separate from any other rating/review systems in Question 8. Also they’d be positive only. If the client didn’t think they had an ailment successfully treated, they’d simply not include these special ‘problem’ points. The client would also be asked to enter the level of problem severity prior to treatment, and the level of improvement afterwards. They’d also be prompted to state how many sessions they’d had. They’d also be able to continually edit/update their review at any time.
9b. Please can you share your thoughts on the subject of "Problem points"?*
Assume that a client would be able to give you a review, using your preferred system/s you chose in Question 9. When they signed up, they would be asked to provide an email address so that they could log in. It would be never be visible on the site, and very secure. They would also choose a Screen-name that other people would see. Do you think this would be acceptable?
10b. However you answered Question 10 above, please share your thoughts about this?*
11. If you had a profile on a therapy site, would you prefer Psychotherapists and Holistic Therapists (Practitioners of Alternative Medicine) to be listed together?*
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