Survey for therapy clients

Dear therapy client, your opinion is important… and valued.

I appreciate you taking a look at this survey page. Also, if you decide to complete this survey, you are not obligated to volunteer any information about your identity.

The purpose of the survey

I have created this survey in order to try and better understand the needs and possible dilemmas of someone seeking therapy. Your responses will help identify shortcomings in the marketing of therapy, or in the availability of useful information about it.

The responses will paint a clearer picture of the experiences of those seeking therapy, and this information can then be used to develop better marketing tools for therapists.


All the information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential and your email address (if you choose to enter it), along with all your other info, will not be sold, given or loaned to any other person, company or organisation whatsoever. Your confidentiality will be treated in accordance with the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act.

Unfortunately there isn’t a FREE gift for completing this particular survey. At present there is a FREE Marketing Guide for anyone who complete the Survey for Therapists.

Please only complete a survey on this website if you are an adult. You can find the survey for therapy clients/seekers below:

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Thank you so much for completing my survey. If you have any queries please do get in touch, using the contact form.

To your success

Toby Barnes